The Risks that You Expose Yourself Sitting on Chair

Get up from the chair now because your life may be in danger. If you want to be healthy and have no long-term health problems, watch how long and in what way you sit on the chair in the office. American Society of Oncology Specialists have found that sitting more than six hours a day increases the risk of death.

Let’s see together what are the risks you expose yourself when you sit too long on the seat.

It can increase the risks of diabetes

Even if you take a break once in a while, the fact you’re stuck on a chair all day long can increase your risk of developing diabetes. At least this is the conclusion of researchers at the University of Missouri in the United States.

Besides diabetes, you can gain weight very much, because inactivity will reach the maximum in a few years.

It shortens your life

If you sit more than 6 hours per day in front of a TV or monitor life expectancy decreases by five years, says a study published in the British journal of sports medicine. Moreover, every hour you spend sitting in a chair lowers your life expectancy by almost 22 minutes.

You can develop heart disease

A study conducted last year on the adults who spend more hours in front of the TV, sitting on the couch, showed that the risk of dying from any cause increases by up to 50% for those who spent more than four hours before screen compared to those who spent more than two hours.

In addition, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease increases by 125%.

It can increase the risks of cancer

It may seem unbelievable, but the fact that you’re sitting too many hours a day increases the risk of cancer. It may be responsible for more than 170,000 cancer cases every year. Breast cancer and colon cancer are diseases that can occur most often because they are related to how often you do or do not move.

For many people, a half hour of exercise every day can mean a significant reduction in the risk of cancer.

It can deform your spine

Scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, are all diseases that you can acquire as a result of the many hours spent in the chair.

Sitting in the chairs, affects the back muscles and spinal discs. It is therefore recommended that for every 50 minutes of sitting to take 10 minutes break.

Kinesiologists recommend specific exercises that strengthen your muscles and help you relax. In addition, every day you should walk at least 30 minutes.

You can die

The fact that you’re sitting more than six hours each day can be fatal. Researchers have published a study in the journal American Epidemiology journal, which revealed that women who sat on the seat for six or more hours pose a risk of death, within a 13-year period, with 37% higher than those who spend sitting more than three hours a day.

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