How Diet Can Improve Your Memory

Your Memory

Diet & Good Memory

Our memory and our brain are very complex. Maintaining and improving the memory is not an easy process. There are many factors responsible of the health and well function of our brain.

Neuroplasticity of our brain.

Neuroplasticity is a neuroscience term. Our brain has an amazing capacity to change and adapt at any ages even when we are old. This function of our brain with the right stimulation can form new neural connection in many ways.

Reshaping all the time, our brain increases its abilities to learn and stock new information, and in this way our memory it becomes better.

“Just like our body a good diet and a good night sleep will help our memory to improve”.

Physical exercise brings oxygen to our brain and this way the risk for disorders and memory loss can be reduce. Exercises are also reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and may protect our brain cells.

When we are tired, when we don’t get enough sleep the brain is not working at its full capacity.

New studies show that when you have good time like watching a funny movie the brain cognitive function increases. Being active and in contact with others all the time give us a bust to our memory; people social active had the slowest rate of memory loss. You can socialise in many ways, see your friends, go to a club, and get a pet to have a reason to go out.

Laughter can help our brain too. Use any opportunity to have a good laugh, watch a comedy, go and play with your children or your pet.

Reduce the stress. For this you can use meditation. It had been proven that meditation increase mental health and memory ability.

Get a healthy diet to bust your memory. For our brain to remain healthy the way we eat is very important. There are foods witch actually helps our brain and the risk of dementia can be reduce 70%.

Omega 3.The omega 3 the fatty acids are very helpful for our brain. Salmon is first source of omega 3, but mackerel sardines and herring are good too. Other sources of fatty acids are walnut and flaxseeds.

Avoid fat saturated. Eat in moderation red meat, butter or whole milk, fat cheese or sour cream. Choose instead 1% milk or low fat cheese, your memory will benefit.

Fruits and vegetables you can eat as much as you want. Rich in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables protect the brain cells from been damaged. Apples, broccoli, cantaloupe, lettuce are perfects sources for antioxidants.

Coffee and wine is recommended to be consuming in moderation.

Exercise your brain in the way you exercise your body. For example associate a name or a word with a visual image, you will remember them easier. Try to connect an information to a color or a smell, or a taste. This way the information is going to be stock in your brain. Read more and pay attention to small details. Doing all of this you can stay mentally sharp and you still can enjoy your life.