How to Supercharge Your Brain and How to Enhance Your Memory

Just because the years go fast, this is not a reason to accept a mental slowdown.

New study shows that there are ways to boost your memory or your IQ and focus more and more for the future.

Boost your memory with air freshener

Do you want to exercise your memory?

Spray a scented room freshener before you look over notices (grocery list or questions for a job interview). Then, spray again in your bedroom before you turn in. This simple move will help you boost your memory to near perfect score.

While you sleep, you consolidate your memory, and your brain can recall more easily; breathing the same scent during your sleep is stimulating your brain memory center.

Use your imagination

Picturing something scary, a car accident, after you learn a new thing, will increase your ability to remember. Emotions and memory are in the same part of your brain, and by stimulating, them will improve the recall.

Cocoa can help you

If you got a foggy sensation when you wake up in the morning, you got an option. Do not drink coffee; choose cocoa with dark chocolate instead. The dark chocolate will speed your reaction for next six hours.

Dark chocolate contain antioxidants that will pomp more blood to your brain, provide more energy for your body.


Drink red wine

It is proven that red wine lower your risk for heart disease as high blood pressure, and stroke. New study suggests that red wine can lower the risk of developing Alzheimer disease. Compounds in red wine can prevent the build-up of proteins that forms brain plaques linked to Alzheimer disease.

If you are not a fan of wine, you can opt for a cold brew. The silicon contain in bear blocks absorption of neurotoxin related to Alzheimer.

Sometime a burger can help

A shortening in iron can temporarily reduce your IQ.

What you have to do is to eat foods rich in iron such spinach, lean beef or to take a multivitamin with at least 15 mg iron.

Fish can help too. By eating salmon two times a week, you increase your level of omega 3 fatty acids radical free fighting.

How to solve problems faster

Try to move your eyes in triangle motion. This process is called perceptual stimulation is located in an area brain responsible for problem solving.

Play video games

Video games especially those with fast movement can help you with your fast decision by 30% compare to those who do not play games.

Peanuts butter is rich in vitamin B boost an area in your brain responsible for decision-making.

Change your habit

Long-time smokers got more memory problems than non-smokers did. Chemicals in cigarettes might damage blood vessels that supply your brain with nutrients.

Keep your body healthy and your mind sharp!