How to Cure Your Common Cold – Sinuses Cure

Cold season is here. You can protect yourself with the right remedies.

Use saltwater. To fight your congestion, pain, and other nasal symptoms, just by rinsing your sinuses with saltwater twice every day will ease the cold in only 48 hours.

Salt kills virus and reduce the inflammation. Spritz each nostril several times than blow your nose gently.

Take an antiviral supplement. Grapefruit seed extract can fight viruses and bacteria.

Germs will be destroyer by holes in their membranes.

Have a hot bath. If you take a hot shower or a hot bath at the first cold symptoms, you will stop an advancing cold or flu in its tracks.

A 20 minutes hot soak bath is a very effective way to fight viruses. The steam from a hot bath opens and drains your sinuses, cutting your risk for a serious infection by 35%.

Drink tea. Drinking 2 cups of ginseng tea every day will cure your cold two three days faster than normal. Ginseng tea will increase your immunity system.

Vitamin A. 3000 or 4000 IU of A vitamin daily during the flu season slash your risk of catching a cold by 30%.  Vitamin A can boost the production of cells- immune system that can destroy even the nastiest germs.

Sipping coffee will make you feel as alert as you were before viruses infection.

Caffeine counterattacks the grogginess caused by respiratory infections.