How to Beat your Bronchitis in Five Easy Ways

1. To ease your discomfort slows your breath. Persons suffering of chronic bronchitis breathe too fast, because of that their symptoms become worse.

What you have to do is to slower your breath. First, take a deep breath, than slowly breathe out through your mouth. Do this again for 8 or 10 times.

2. Do not smoke. People who are smoking they are at least ten times more likely to develop bronchitis compare with non-smoker’s people. Even the second hand smoking is responsible for chest infections.

3. Use humidifier. Worm moist air can help you lose mucus in your bronchial tubes and stop coughs.

4. Use ivy leafs. Ivy leaf is very effective relieving even the worst chronic bronchitis related coughs. You can take it as capsule three or four times per day.

5.  Have a natural antibiotic: This can be oregano oil. The oregano oil extract contains compounds that are as strong as penicillin destroying the germs causing bronchial infections.