How to Use the Last Bite of …

1. Lemon’s zest

You can freshen up any salad with of lemon juice and a little lemon zest.

2. What to do with Parmesan cheese rind

You can use a simmer rind to add same extra flavour to a soup a sauce or a salad.

3. Mashed potatoes

Combine with same fresh or dried herbs, add same cheese. With this composition make little boles and crisp them in hot butter.

4. A spoon of jelly

Add the jelly to your barbeque sauce.

5. Cupcake stale

Put a layer of ice cream or a pudding and add the stale cupcake. Now you have an instant desert.

6. A hand of cooked rice

Toss the rice with salad dressing and add leftover vegetables.

7. Meat leftover

Put the meat in a food processor adds mayonnaise and same fresh herbs and make a nice sandwich.