How to Maintain Your Energy Level when You Skip the Lunch

Ways to Increase Your Energy Level

Energy Level Tips

We live in a constant motion world. The contemporary man is subjected to increasingly more stressors. You are always busy with the feeling that time is compressed. Your time is divided between work issues, commuting and household problems. Often you happened to skip lunch leading to low energy level and a low yield.

These situations require quick ways to boost and increase your energy level.

Let’s see what are the best options for you:


a) It is well known that excess coffee is contraindicated, but emergencies require emergency measures. Therefore, a strong cup of coffee may be the best solution to regain your normal tonus.
b) However, drinking plenty of water can help you to keep up your energy level. Water makes all body functions to work at full capacity. In other words, if you regularly drink small amounts of water you can successfully face the rigors of a busy and stressful day even if you skipped the lunch. Therefore, it is a smart idea to keep a bottle of water with all the time. A few drops of freshly squeezed lemon will invigorate you.
c) It is hot, you are tired and hungry and you feel a state of drowsiness. The best solution is to go to the bathroom and wash your face with some cold water. Roll up your sleeves and soak your hands up to elbow in cold water. It is not a bad idea to put a cold compress on the neck.


The best is to shoot a short nap. Even if you sleep only 15 minutes in your office chair can help you to regain your strength. Try to have a deep and recuperative sleep. Before falling asleep, release your mind of thoughts and problems. Learn how to do it. Patience, exercise and meditation ill help you. However, try to have a comfortable and relaxed position. You will be amazed at the positive effect it can have a few minutes of sleep.


Avoid eating sugar. At a first glance, sugar is a natural energizer but the effect is transient. Instead of eating sweets, you can quickly eat a healthy snack. Your snack should be high in proteins and carbs for a quick energy release. In addition, fruits such as watermelon, blueberries, oranges and grapefruit are excellent for quickly recover of lost energy. You can have a fruit with you throughout the day and eat it when you have a spare moment.

4|Change the Routine:

It is well known, that repeating the same action each day can lead to boredom and fatigue. This boredom and fatigue overlaid a hard day and it will lead to exhaustion. The best solution is to change the order of your daily activities. Interrupt your routine with a few minutes of “respiro” such as looking out of window, talking to someone, reading the newspaper, etc.


It may seem odd to specific exercise as a solution. If you do not find time to eat, it means you do not have time to exercise. However, this is not the reality. You can exercise all the time, throughout the day. There are exercises you can do while working at your desk. Any movement of your body restore your energy lost.