Beautiful Vancouver, Canada after a Snowfall

The snow is not seen too often in Vancouver

Although Vancouver is located in Canada, the snow is not seen too often in this magnificent city. Sometimes a winter season can pass without any snowfall. Instead, the metro Vancouver residents have a lot of rainy days. But fortunately, you do not have to go too far to find some snow.

North Vancouver after a snowfall

The North shore Mountains are very close from downtown, and they are always covered by a blanket of snow. This is delightful for those who love to ski.

The lack of snow is due to location of the city on the west coast between Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean.

However, sometimes the city is covered by a fresh blanket of snow.

And what is the best. We have snow on the Christmas eve. In fact, in 2021, Vancouver have seen first white Christmas since 2008.

The streets of leafy North Vancouver for example look fabulous blanketed in glittering white snow.

The view of North Shore Mountains seen from downtown is majestic and gorgeous.

There are many places where you can have a spectacular view of Vancouver after a snowfall. One of them is queen Elizabet park. From there you can see the snow-carpeted Rocky Mountains and the Vancouver skyline.

In the new uploaded video from our channel “Ephigenia Stamate”, we are presenting you beautiful images in 4K, 60 fps of North Vancouver streets and parks after a snowfall night.

Beautiful Vancouver, Canada after a Snow Fall (video)

Our video and the background music

How I have already told you, in our video you will see amazing images of trees covered with snow, snowy views of North Vancouver streets and parks. Everything accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack in vocal and instrumental variant, namely: “Can I Be Forgiven” by “Sleepaway Camp”

So, please watch the video and enjoy the snowy winter scenes and the beautiful background music.

A mid-sized cottage in winter (location: Portland, Maine)

Photo by Whitten ArchitectsMore exterior home photos

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