Miracle Healing Herbs from Mysterious Patagonia

“Patagoniais one of the least populated and least polluted regions on the Earth. Patagonia is a high region in the Andes, straddling Argentina and Chile.

Patagonia (video)

Scientists have discovered, in this hard and isolated environment healing fruits and plants.

Here they are a few of these wonderful and magical herbs and their health secrets.


Lose Weights with Maqui Berry

Researches show that people who add maqui berry as supplement to their diet lost up to 90% weigh than people who don’t eat the berry. It proven that the antioxidants contains in this maqui berry accelerate your metabolism by blocking the formation of fat cells.

Use a Natural Detox Herb

Boldo herb is rarely seen outside of Patagonia. This plant contains chemicals that cleanse and protect your liver, and neutralize carcinogens and other toxins. Two cups of tea daily also combat intestinal inflammation.

Rose Hips Can Release Your Pain



These rose bushes are found on the glaciers of Patagonia. Research confirms these seed ease inflammation and helps heal joint and damage tissue.

Yerba Mate Gives You Energy


Yerba mate is proven to bring more energy than coffee. It’s contains chemicals that’s in chocolate and unlike other stimulants give you a boost to get up and start your day.

Lemon Verbena Tea Helps You to Sleep Better


The Lemon verbena has sedative properties, contains chemicals similar to Valium calming your nervous system. Lemon verbena is also loaded with healings antioxidants. Drink a cup of tea before you are going to bed.

Pau D’arco Helps You Stay Healthy



According to the last research Pau d’arco tree is packed with immunity property. His antibacterial, antifungal, antidepressant, anticancer compounds will help you to fight against diseases.