Why It Is Good to Eat Oranges in Winter



Oranges eaten regularly can help protect your health during the winter. With a high content of vitamin C, oranges are rich in fiber and folate and contain many beneficial compounds, along with potassium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B.

Find out what effects can have on the body, eating oranges and other citrus fruits in winter.

Increase Your Immunity: The best-known advantage of oranges is the effect that it has vitamin C from their composition in preserving and even increasing the immunity. Because this vitamin is quickly dissolved by your body, you need to eat fruits and vegetables daily to increase production of white blood cells.

Regulate Your Blood Pressure: Oranges can play an important role as a natural stabilizer of blood pressure. Their rich content of magnesium and hesperidin, a flavonoid that strengthens capillary walls is beneficial for the entire cardiovascular system.

Maintain Your Skin Healthy: Antioxidants from oranges help you to maintain a healthy skin. Beta carotene is actually the most effective. It protects the skin against the effects of aging.

Contribute to Healthy Bones and Teeth: The high calcium content contribute to healthy bones and teeth in the long run, but when these fruits are consumed in excess, they can damage the bone and tooth enamel.

Help to Oxygenate and Purify Your Blood:Iron and vitamin B6 in orange are essential in the production of red blood cells that oxygenate the entire body, and citrus have also blood purifying effects.

Prevent the Formation of Kidney Stones: Even if they are rich in calcium, oranges acts naturally to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones from calcium oxalate forms no longer as easy and urinary system is working good when eating oranges regularly.

Lower Your Cholesterol: Through their high fiber content, oranges have a role in lowering the “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Low levels of cholesterol has been linked to an action for preventing arteriosclerosis and orange compounds also maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Prevent Viral Infections: It is well known that Vitamin C strengthens immunity, but oranges also contain other compounds that may help prevent viral infections. Polyphenols in orange, fight viruses and also more serious infections.

Help Proper Functioning of Your Brain: One single orange provides approximately 10% of the RDA of folate compound used by the brain to develop new neurons to cell.

Prevent the Occurrence of Serious Diseases: Oranges do not increase the acidity in your stomach, but on the contrary they reduce the risk of stomach ulcers. Other serious diseases whose risk is mitigated by the use of oranges include: arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, pneumonia, rheumatism and tuberculosis.

You can get the full effects of the oranges when you eat the whole fruit, not just drinking orange juice. However, use carefully the oranges peel for cooking. When these fruits were sprayed with pesticides, toxins penetrate the skin. Therefore, nutritionists recommend eating organic oranges.