How to have a Fast Relive for Your Sinus Infection

Flushing Your Sinuses

Flushing Your Sinuses

Season for flu and cold is starting again. Therefore, your risk of getting a sinus infection is biggest. New studies show that there are a few easy steps to treat your sinus infection at home and to increase your immunity system too.

Cut Your Inflammation with Pectin
Pectin is a soluble fiber which can be found in fruits, and is been proven to reduce your inflammation and the pain by 50%.

Pectin can prevent your heartburn, and in this way avoid another sinus woe. If stomach acids backs up into your esophagus, it will dry out your throat and sinus tissues, making you more vulnerable to infection. Pectin is able to neutralize the acids, acting as foam. You can find pectin at health food stores.

Flush Your Sinus Germs with Saline Spray

You can stop a sinus infection in its tracks by 70%. What you have to do is to mix two cups of warm water one-tablespoon sea salt. Use a pediatric nasal syringe; gently squirt into your nostrils. Repeat this operation twice per day, until your symptoms disappear.

Avoid Antihistamines

Do not use antihistamines. They can prolong your sinus problem, by slowing your drainage.  If you are going to use a decongestant spray, you will feel better. This is going to open your sinus with no side effect.

Massage Your Scalp

One of sinus infection symptom is facial pain. An easier way to prevent your pain is to massage your scalp. By boosting blood and oxygen to your sinuses the congestion can be reduce cutting your pain too.

Pres and rub your scalp from the mid line to the sides and from the front to the back of your head for a few minutes twice a day.

How To Cure A Sinus Infection Fast | Home Remedies For Sinus Infection (video)

Use Steam to Speed Your Healing

By using steam, you will reduce your inflammation and you will open your sinuses promoting a good drainage.

You can have the same effect if you will take a hot shower. Heaving a steam for 10 minutes every day, it will ease your symptom in just 72 hours.

Stay Back from Sugar

By avoiding sugar for 4-5 days will make you feel better faster. You can eat a cup of sweet and fresh pineapple. Pineapple is having a natural anti-inflammatory effect that will reduce your pain and your inflammation. Simply, by avoiding sugar speed up your sinus healing by 60%.

You need to know when you have to call your doctor. If you have one or more of next symptoms, is time to take action:

a)     Fever high than 101F (38.33 C)
b)    Severe cheeks, eye or tooth pain
c)     Vision changes
d)    Facial swelling

Sinus infections can become worse by airborne irritants. Cigarette smoke and perfume are two of the top troublemakers. Wait at least a week before you start using again your favourite scent.