Tips for Strengthen Your Bones


Strengthen Your Bones

A strong and healthy body need a good framework and this means strong and healthy bones.

Everyone knows that for a strong skeletal system and to prevent osteoporosis human body needs both Calcium (Ca) and Vitamin D.

However, not everyone knows that only daily intake of Calcium and vitamin D is not enough to prevent osteoporosis. This daily intake of Calcium and vitamin D can be annihilated by a deficiency in the alkaline and acid levels in your body.

Therefore, before following any diet rich in Calcium and vitamin D it is recommended that the alkaline and acid levels to be balanced.If your body has a high level of acid then your bones will release alkaline minerals including Calcium, which obviously will weaken the bone structure.

In fact, the acid-alkaline equilibrium is a delicate balance and depends on the constitution of each body. Let’s see some tips that may help you to improve and restore this balance.

1. Sodium bicarbonate can help someone with a high level of acidity. Those who take periodically sodium bicarbonate pills can notice in just three months, a dramatically reduction in Calcium loss.

2. Your acidity level can be counteracted by eating bananas or potatoes that contain an abundance of bicarbonate and therefore they have a high alkaline level. In fact, there are many other fruits and vegetables that have a large percentage of bicarbonate in their composition such as pears, mushrooms, broccoli, etc.

3. It is essential to stop acid buildup in your organism. Reducing protein intake is an excellent way to stop acid to buildup. You need to change your habits. You need a diet rich in vegetables and fruits with a minimum amount of animal proteins and do not forget to include in your diet, citrus, tomatoes and vinegar.

Strengthen Your Bones Naturally (video)

4. May seems like a joke but excessive consumption of carbonated beverages increase enormous your acid level. This is due to their high level of phosphoric acid This phosphoric acid will lead to a large Calcium depletion in your bones.

5. Your bad mood can influence a lot the loss of Calcium. That increases dramatically in people suffering from depression.

New researches show that even you don’t drink milk every day you still can have break resistant bones. Therefore:

1. Get enough vitamin K, its responsible building and maintain the support inside of bones. The top food source of vitamin K is spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

2. Eat a diet high in vitamin D and calcium, eat salmon, sardine, kelp.

3. Green tea. Drink one cup of tea daily is antioxidant and slow down inflammation of bone.

4. Sulfur. Eat garlic and onions if your stomach is not too sensitive.

5. Stop drinking soft drinks as soda, coca cola, Pepsi.

6. Consume no more than one cup of coffee daily, to avoid your body to excrete calcium from your body.

7. Working out is a very good way to keep your bones strong. You can start with walking, jogging, cycling, swimming.