How to Cut Your Heart Attack Risk with at Least 60% off

The number one disease women and men are facing is heart disease. This is happen due to our struggle with weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Research shows that if you add 15 g of soluble fiber in your daily diet, can help you burn off seven pounds of your tummy fat in one year. The fiber soaks the fat from inside of the intestines before is starting to be deposit in your body. Just flattening your tummy is decreasing your heart disease 50% off.

What you can do is to eat vegetables and fruit daily or add fiber supplement to your food.

Quitting smoking can reduce your risk of heart attack 55%. Find the easy way to quit your smoking.

Take Omega 3 oil two times per day. Eat oatmeal every morning, will absorb the bad cholesterol.

Another risk factor is a high blood pressure .Keep under control with diet and pills will cut your heart disease 40%.

You have to burn calories doing exercises. If you don’t like to work out, try yoga. Yoga can lowers the stress hormone levels, and in plus can reduce the anxiety.

Eat apples. You know what they say, one apple per day keep the doctor away.
Fiber-Rich Foods May Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease