Weight Loss Diets during Pregnancy?

Future Mother

It is well known that pregnancy makes any woman more beautiful. It has however, a small drawback. Almost without exception, pregnancy comes with many, often with too many extra pounds. Most times, even doctors recommend patients keep their weight under control, any excess threatening to harm the health of both the mother and the child.

It is however, the right time for a food diet now?

In general, pregnant women take 10-15 kilos (22-33 pounds) during the nine months of pregnancy. Much of this extra weight is due to the amniotic fluid and placenta, and the rest is dissipated, most often in the next year of birth.

There are some cases where this weight, so-called “normal” is exceeded and the future mothers begin to consider following dietary regimens.

I don’t recommend ever such a method, to my patients,” says Jennifer Shu, pediatrician and author of several books on nutrition regimen during pregnancy. “Fortunately, children have a fantastic system to draw the substances needed by their body, so any weight loss diets harm the mother rather than the fetus. However, if the mother insists on not feeding herself enough, there is the risk of poor child development, especially in the first years of life. “

According to the doctor, the most logical solution is to postpone any ideas on some weight loss diet or other methods to the end of breastfeeding period.

However, you’re gonna struggle to get off the extra pounds sooner or later, so better not endangered in any way child health. Much wiser is that in these nine months of pregnancy is to create a healthy diet, which even if it will not show good results immediately (however, the metabolism slows considerably during the pregnancy), will prove satisfactory later. “

More important and critical is another element that every future mother needs to take into account when she becomes excessively worried about her weight. The extra weight during pregnancy is vital for fat accumulation required nursing the baby.