The 4 Hours Body Diet

The persons, who use the combo diet pill and the 4 hours body diet, have loosed 8 pounds and 14 inches in one week. You are going to eat foods that naturally turn off your hunger and burn the fat storage.

You have to eat four times every day. The meals should be spread 3 -4 hours apart.

The meals include lean protein, beans and vegetables for every meal. Olive oil is allowed as well as low calories seasoning.

Don’t eat if you feel full. Drink plenty of water; and stop from eating if you feel full.

Once of week, this diet allowed you to enjoy something good like fruits and whole grains, which aren’t permitted in the rest of the week. Studies show that occasional high calorie may increase your metabolism.

One Day Sample Menu


For breakfast you can eat 2or 3 eggs scrambled. Add 1/3 cup green onions and bell paper.

Bonus: Mixed hummus and tuna, with 1 cup veggies for dipping


Unlimited grilled chicken and salad with vinegar and olive oil; 1 bowl been or pea soup


Unlimited steam chicken or shrimp in clear broth; unlimited steam vegetables and unlimited soya beans.

NOTE: Before you decide to go with diet plan, you should consult your doctor.