The Fastest Way to Lose Weight


Young Man and Young Lady Running

Have you ever heard the saying “If you fit a square peg in a round hole?” This is what most people do when they have dieting.

First of all, you need to stop thinking of your weight loss plan as a diet because this word diet is often associated with something temporary. You go on a diet to lose weight then once the weight is gone you go off your diet and gain the weight back. Dieting will get you nowhere.

However, the first step for fast weight loss is diet pills. They work by speeding up your metabolism using chemical reactions in your body. The rapid decrease in weight might be harmful, if natural methods are not adopted. Utilizing pills normally comes with side effects. They can affect your sleep because of the increased energy you have.

So what is the fastest way to lose weight?

The fastest way to lose weight is initially achieved by cutting back on what you eat. Instead of focusing on calories, focus on portion size. In the same time you have to change your life style. Fight against the sedentary life and try to become an active person. Research has shown that exercise is the safest way to lose weight. And with patience and persistence you can achieve great and long lasting results.

Be careful what you eat and how much you eat

-TIP 1: Empty the fridge of everything that might tempt you;

-TIP 2: Before you go shopping make a list of those required, otherwise you will be tempted to buy all meet in the way;

-TIP3: Exclude the snacks and fast foods you are currently eating.

-TIP 4: Avoid taking dinner at restaurants. The portion sizes at these restaurants are way out of proportion to what a normal portion size should be;

-TIP 5: Eating the best portions per meal is what I meant when I say “eating less”. Eat five times each day, with breakfast becoming your greatest meal and all other meals of equal portions;

-TIP 6: Avoid eating foods high in carbohydrates and sweet tasting foods. You can eat dark chocolate (more than 90% cocoa) after a workout;

-TIP 7: Avoid carbonated drinks; DRINK A LOT OF WATER>

– TIP 8: The next step is to eat fewer calories. Make the transition to a healthy diet gradual and you will be more likely to stay on track and avoid cravings.

-TIP 9: Keep a food diary, examine it closely and determine where you can cut out 500 calories per day. Experts agree that by just reducing your daily calories by 500 you can consistently and easily lose weight.

Start a daily workout regime

This is another fastest way to lose weight. It doesn’t really matter what you do, just as long as you’re performing it for at least 45 minutes per day. The best types of exercise for weight loss are cardiovascular exercises. Examples of three types of exercises include walking, jogging and swimming laps. You will not only lose weight, but also get the many other benefits of being aerobically fit for example decreasing you chances of heart lung problems, and having stronger bones and muscles.