How Not to Gain Weight when You Quit Smoking

Breaking a CigaretteQuitting smoking can have powerful and sometimes, adverse effects on your psyche and body. Abandoning this unhealthy habit is a right and smart decision, but you do not have to forget that smoking is a strong addiction and you need a lot of willpower to give up. More than that, smoking cessation is more difficult because of the fear of a sudden increase in weight.

Learn how not to gain weight after you quit smoking.

When you decide to quit smoking, it is important to use a clear plan of action to prevent the return of the habit, but also to prevent an undesirable increase in weight.


It is not important how you stop smoking suddenly or gradually over time. More important is that you make your plan to counter the adverse effects of smoking cessation such as the increase of appetite and metabolism slowing.

Your plan may include changes in your diet, fighting against temptations, and several other lifestyle changes. Regardless of your priorities, make sure you clean the fridge and pantry for food and sweet that can become your number one enemy.


It may seem unbelievable, but beyond of an increased appetite, food can taste even better after you quit smoking. So start by eliminating all the fatty foods from your diet.

Lean meat, along with vegetables, fruits and whole grains are the foundation of a healthy diet in all conditions, especially after you quit smoking. More than likely, you will eat more, so it is important to choose foods with the lowest risk for your silhouette.


Most former smokers feel the unpleasant quitting smoking effects at oral level. To counter this unpleasant taste, fill your mouth, instead of food, with sugarless gum or mints without calories.

Get your healthy snacks and have them with you to avoid any temptation of fast food throughout the day. Avoid pastries that are rich in carbohydrates, and choose fruits that contain fiber. When your appetite seems out of control, drink more water and keep a straw or a toothpick in your mouth to avoid any temptations.
You Can Avoid Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking


Besides the high content of calories, alcohol can be an element that can blow away your whole plan. Try do not drink any alcohol in the first weeks after you quit smoking.

Alcohol weakens your willpower and, even if you do not start smoking again, you will be tempted to reward yourself for not smoking with fatty foods or delicious dessert, full of calories.


If you have a sedentary lifestyle, take a few steps in the right direction when you quit smoking and change completely your lifestyle. Regular physical activity contributes decisively to a better weight maintenance after quitting smoking.

Even if you do not regularly go to the gym, long walks every day, can also be extremely effective. Skip the elevator and take the stairs and try to do more and more long daily walks.


Nicotine gum and other useful drugs for smoking cessation are associated with a lower risk of weight gain after abandoning this flaw.

Ask your family doctor for helpful advice and support solutions that can ease your transition to smoking status and can help you earn no extra pounds.