All You Need is Will

Anyone can lose weight. All you need is will!

Lose Weight with Will

You need will to lose weight.

Everyone knows that a diet is not something easy. It takes a lot of patience to get rid of extra pounds, and the life will be more beautiful. Actually the loss of unwanted pounds is different from person to person but the generally rule for everyone is “the WILL”. It seems much, seems less?

So, when you start this crusade, arms with the will and patience. A diet requires time. If you suddenly reduce calories, your body will feel in danger and begin to store fat. This means that the slightest deviation in diet will be followed by a quickly fat deposit.

Things must gradually happen, must give the body time to be able to adapt to the new life style. It is known that, if the changes will occur more slowly, however the results be for long period of time.

Let’s see some basic rules:

  1.  Eat Less: Yes, everyone knows that a lose weight diet is not as simple as it sounds. With the will and patience you can lose weight safely, but first you have to find out how many calories you need to maintain your weight at a constant level.
  2. Eat Healthy: Eat less but in the same time eat healthy. Your body needs nutrients for every organ to function properly. If the body does not receive the necessary amount of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and vitamins, the imbalance will lead to various diseases. And everyone knows that is easier to prevent than to cure. So, a diet should be rich in nutrients. Vegetables, fruits in moderation, lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy fat are reliable allies in fighting weight. Cooked vegetables (or better raw), are rich in minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. Pay attention to sauces: they can bring a big amount of calories; replace them with a little olive oil.
  3. Eat more often: No matter the diet you should provide constant amounts of food for your body, but not to excess. Three meals and maybe 2-3 snacks per day are absolutely mandatory to avoid inconvenience by starvation. Small frequent meals not only ensure supplies of nutrients, but prevent the dramatic reduction in metabolism. It is obvious that starvation is at least as dangerous as ingesting excess calories – the both of them will lead in weight gain.
  4. Eat fewer carbohydrates: More and more studies show that cookies, candies, pastries, pasta and other carbohydrate-rich foods are more harmful than you think. Do not forget a diet low in carbohydrates will lower your cholesterol.
  5. Eat after exercise: First of all breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However if you eat right after exercise, the body will consume everything to recover, that’s including the proteins in muscle tissue. It is the best time to consume a protein supplement and after the workout some carbohydrates (cereals). They ensure a constant flow of blood sugar and will prevent the insulin swings.
  6. Eat fat:  People often make the mistake of body fat associated with the food, especially when they become concerned about the figure. In fact, 75% of body fat is caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates and only 20% saturated fat. Things are completely different with healthy fat such as unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. You can find them in fish and olive oil.
  7. Avoid calorie dense foods: Caloric density refers to the number of calories of food compared to its weight. For example, a bar of chocolate has far more calories per 100gr compared to 100gr watermelon. Vegetables are less calorie food. They contain plenty of water and dietary fiber.
  8. Avoid loss of muscles: Weight loss occur when the body enters the catabolic system. This is caused by a low calorie and carbohydrate diet combined with physical activity. As a result, increases metabolic rate and catabolic hormones start to be produced. They restrict the use of carbohydrates as energy sources instead of using their protein and fat. So if you reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed, the body uses proteins and fats as energy sources. In other words, proteins in muscle tissue and fat from adipose tissue are used in place of muscle glycogen, derived from ingested carbohydrates.
  9. Hydrate yourself: Water is one of the most important things is that we are on a diet or not. The human body is composed largely (50-70%) of water that fulfills many roles in the body. Drink a lot of water (at least 2 liters daily).
  10. A person’s diet is based on its age: Age is one factor leading to slow combustion. This process is inevitable, and caloric intake must be carefully monitored. Certainly, at 50 years you cannot eat like at 30 years. A balanced diet and physical movement are the only weapons to fight weight .
  11. Do not abuse weight loss products: It was not yet invented a drug to treat obesity effectively to stop the deposition of fat, regardless of food intake, or to help reduce existing reserves. There are small helpers pharmacological, but acting on a small segment of the chain complex of weight gain: either decrease the absorption of fat in the gut or diminish hunger or longer hold a full stomach or intestinal transit speed up and increase diuresis (removal of fluid ). But none of them work without diet.
The Main Losing Weight Factor

All You Need is Will

You want to get off your belly, you do everything for it, even what at first glance it would seem impossible to you. Then, in case you are welcome among us. Building muscle and burning body fat, it takes time and patience.  From the beginning, you should be aware that for a period of time you will be subject to a regime of deprivation, but mostly you have to put serious bone to work.

Good Luck!