Lose Weight with Dandelion Tea

Taraxacum Officinale


Dandelion or “Taraxacum Officinale” is in fact, a common herb, a beneficial weed in the family “Asteraceae”. It is often found worldwide, especially in North America and Eurasia.

What is extraordinary in terms of dandelion is that the whole plant can be used for medicinal purposes. Flowers, flower stems, leaves, rods, roots, absolutely everything can be used with remarkable results.

Benefits of dandelion are well known for a long time:

a) Dandelion leaves contain vitamin A, B2, D, and G , potassium and minerals
b) Dandelion root contains “taraxacin” (pectin, vitamin B1, C and D) and “inulin”
c) A diet with fresh rods of blooming dandelions is highly recommended for diabetics and helps remove gallstones.

Dandelion can be prepared and consumed as salads (fresh leaves and roots plus salt, oil and vinegar). Flower composition can be cooked in salads, soups or can be easily fried in hot oil.

As tea, dandelion can help you to lose weight and to eliminate all the toxins accumulated in your blood.

As I mentioned above, dandelion tea is a rich source of vitamins and has a beneficial effect on the entire body due to a strong detoxifying effect, especially in the liver.

Moreover, dandelion tea consumption can help if you have problems with your bowel or acne. Dandelion tea can treat also some kinds of eczema and skin diseases, rheumatism, gout, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis, eye problems, etc.

Designated as one of the most effective slimming tea, dandelion tea is an ideal, inexpensive and easy to use in any kinds of diets, with a strong diuretic and detoxifying effect.

Dandelion tea is prepared as follows:

a) Put 25-30 grams dandelion root or dandelion dried leaves in a liter of boiling water;
b) Boil this composition for 10 minutes;
c) Cover your pot with a plate and leave it covered for at least 15 minutes;
d) Finally, strain your mixture and drink it unsweetened.

Dandelions : Edible and Medicinal Uses  (video)

For weight loss, it is recommended to drink 3 cups of dandelion tea / day.

WARNING! Drink dandelion tea for weight loss, or any kind tea with moderation or possibly under careful medical supervision. These teas are diuretics and can lead to severe dehydration and other complications.

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