Go Forest Bathing – It is Good for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

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The forest is well known for its cool scent of moss and its spiritually healing qualities.

In Japanese language, “Shinrin-Yoku” means “forest bathing”. A forest bathing include spending same time in a forest and become one with forest ambiance.

The most important thing is the inhalation of wood essential oils, similar to aromatherapy. A trip in a forest will boost your immunity system, increase your energy level and improve all your body functions.

Mentally a forest bathing will make you think positive and avoid all bad feelings.

A forest bathing is good for your mind body and your spirit. If you will walk for a half of hour every day, you will experience an improvement in your cortisol level, blood pressure and better parasympathetic activities.

Going hiking will bring you peaceful moments and a deep feeling of relaxation. You cannot experience this great sensation everywhere else. Even a sedentary visit in the forest can give you a legitimate healing.


The forest bathing is a very simple process. Just being in a forest is enough to benefit of its qualities. Walking relaxes and in pace under the trees inhaling their aroma, lessening to the wind is an amassing experience

If you are leaving in a city, you still can go forest bathing. You can go to your nearest park. The experience will be the same.

To seat peacefully in the wood is to understand the deep process of healing the forest can provide to you.

A trip in the forest is a moment of relaxation, reflection and meditation.

If you will consider a forest bathing, you should start this gradually. First day walk moderately 1 or 1 and ½ km, you do not have to feel tired. If you need to rest a little, do not hesitate and rest yourself. Forest means relaxation so, do everything you want to from drinking water to a book reading.

The perfect time for forest bathing

The time can be anytime, but fall season is woodland beauty. Now is best time for relaxation and meditation.

Because weather can change, be preparing for every eventuality. Have the properly clothing and walking shoes.

Forest safety rules

When you decide to go forest bathing, you should respect same rules:

Let someone know about your itinerary; when you suppose to be back.

Have a map of the forest or the park, and check the routes.

Check the weather prognoses and the trails conditions.

Take with you some food, water and clothing.

Have with you a first aid kit.

If is possible go in the forest with pairs or groups.

Forest is waiting for everyone. Go out there and “deep “yourself in its natural and perfect healing beauty.